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Jukeboxes FOR SALE

     All Restored or Refurbished Jukeboxes For Sale from Grand America Jukebox include:

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Updated 4-17-14


We sell the nostalgic line of NEW and Refurbished Wurlitzer CD Jukeboxes


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Refurbished CD Jukeboxes

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     Contact us at 636-928-1010 or by email doc2stat@yahoo.com


Rowe CD Jukebox For Sale

Rowe Blue Neon CD Jukebox

In Blue Neon

Wurlitzer logo

We created new artwork to give this Rowe CD Jukebox a 1940's feel

Rowe CD mechanism window

View your CD playing

Blue Neon and CD Holder

This Rowe CD Jukebox offers real Blue Neon tubing protected by heavy plastic covers. And you can view your whole CD collection in motion through the view window

We have refurbished these mid 1990's Rowe CD wall mount Jukeboxes and gave them a cool 1940's feel. These where originally Rowe CD models like Storm, Starlight, Berkely and Tempest. We replaced the dated artwork and gave it a more vintage feel. These Rowe CD Jukeboxes offer a 100 CD playing mechanism, motorized title pages all computer controlled and can be either wall mounted or set on a stand or table if you wish. These Rowe CD Jukeboxes did not come with any speakers internally. But, they do come with an amplifier. You can connect your own speakers to the jukebox or, you can connect the jukebox to your home stereo or sound system. You can ONLY get these Rowe CD wall mount Jukeboxes here. So, don't let it get away

Dimensions: 25" wide, 15-1/2" deep, 40-1/2" tall, 185#'s

Price: $1395.00


Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com





45 rpm Jukeboxes For Sale


Seeburg Model 201 45 RPM Jukebox For Sale

Seeburg 201 Jukebox     Seeburg 201 Jukebox

Vintage 1958. This Seeburg model 201 jukebox just arrived in our shop and is in great original shape, cosmetically. We will rebuild the amplifier, replace the tubes, go through the selector buttons, lighting and mechanism to make it top-notch and reliable. The Seeburg model 201 jukebox will hold 100 45 rpm records. It plays both sides, giving you 200 selections total. A great find from the late 1950's this jukebox offers three, 1957 looking tail lights that light up! Along with a fully viewable mechanism, you cannot go wrong! Do not let this jukebox slip away

Price: SOLD


Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com









78 rpm Jukeboxes For Sale

Just arrived

Wurlitzer 700 Jukebox For Sale

W-700 original

Just arrived and in very original condition. This Wurlitzer 700 will require a full restoration. We will be happy to sell this Wurlitzer 700 as is or have us perform the restoration work. Please contact us to discuss the details

As is price: $1995.00

Fully restored price: $13,500.00


Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com